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A Lesser Evil

Título: A Lesser Evil
Escritor: Lesley Pearse
Editora: Penguin Books


Would you cross the street if wickedness live today?
When Fifi moves to London with her bricklayer boyfriend Dan, her mother is outraged. Despite initial feelings of horror at her new sorroundings, Fifi finds the freedom from her middle-class family background exhularating. 
Insatiably inquisite, Fifi is fascinated by her new neighbours and wants to know what goes on behind al those shabby front doors. Why is Yvette, the french dressmaker, such a hermit? Why doens't widower Frank join his daughter and grandchildren in Australian? And why doens't the formidable and well-bred Miss Diamond move somewhere smarter?
But most of all she is ghoulishly fascinated by the Muckes who lived opposite in terrible squalor. She listens to their violent quarrels, watches their ill treated and wretcedly unhappy children, and his appalled by all she sees. 
When Fifi tries to help the Muckle´s youngest child, who has been physically abused by her father, Fifi unwittingly, unleashes a chain of events which not only brings heartache to her and Dan, but terrible danger to all the inhabitants of Dale Street. 

Minha Opinião

Sinceramente no incio deste livro parecia bom mas a faltar qualquer coisa, mas o final sim, foi sem dúvida uma boa reviravolta, um bom suspense e um descobrir factos completamente não esperados.

Minha Classificação: 4/5
Classificação GoodReads: 4.06/5

Outras Opiniões (goodreads)

This book reads like a novel but has the added suspense of a mystery. The characters are interesting. The theme of the book is strong and important. I suppose it could be called "historical fiction" for it is set in the 1950s. (Since I was alive by the end of that decade it doesn't seem that historical.) My only complaint is that I felt characters quarreled at times solely for the sake of the plot. It was jarring and broke the spell of the book. "What? Why is he upset with that when he was saying just the opposite last chapter?" When I'd stop to think about it, it was logical the character would feel that way but the author did not walk the reader through the change. It will keep me thinking for quite a while, however, and this problem was a minor irritant compared with the strengths of the book.

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  1. Já li um livro da Lesley Pearse e gostei da escrita simples dela (:

  2. Nunca li um livro desta escritora mas tenho muita vontade de o fazer...por enquanto vou ficando pelos livros do Nicholas Sparks (ando a fazer colecção) :)


    Sofia Silva, Beijos*

  3. Mal posso esperar para ler!

  4. Que aconteceu ao teu blogue? :o manda-me o url novo sff

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  6. r: eu percebo isso :) e provavelmente quando for tirar o mestrado vou ter que começar a fazer algumas horas para ganhar dinheiro. So nao entendo as pessoas que querem ficar pela licenciatura para sempre.

  7. Nunca li um livro desta autora, mas ela parece-me ser muito boa, parece-me ser daquele tipo de livros que me prende. beijinhos.